What To Bring

Who Can Go Trekking ?? Any one……
Groups with children:  Children of all ages are welcome on all of our tours and trek.  Very young children or children needing assistance, please note the paragraph above.  Prices for children are the same as for adults.  Normally for groups with children 10 and under, an extra assistant is brought for each child, or, two or more Guides are assigned for longer treks with children.  This is for safety reasons and so that the group can be divided among Guides if people are wanting to go at different paces or if a different route is required for some of the group.

Trek Start Times: Our 3-hour treks can start as late at 1:00 pm, but we generally prefer to start treks in the morning as the animals are generally more active in the morning than in the afternoon.  All 1-Day and longer treks normally begin at 08.30 am after you have had your breakfast, but you may start earlier if you wish, to get ahead any other groups that may be trekking.

Rafting / Tubing: It is generally preferable to return to Bukit Lawang from jungle trekking via rafting.  For shorter treks, this means you can trek farther from your starting point.  If you do not wish to return by raft, your jungle trek will be more circular and you will not get as far from your starting point. 

What I Need To Bring :
We recommendations what prepared for you Jungle trek.  Just Imagination, it,s can rain anytime, and sometime it,s quite heavy.  The trekking trails can be steep and slippery.

  • 1 litres of water / person
  • Day pack
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Clothing  wear long Pants (to protect against scratches and bites).
  • Shorts T-shirts
  • Close Shoes
  • Camera
  • Extra batteries And Memory Card
  • Hat and/or bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Rain Coat
Recommended: Every thing Listed at Short Trek +
  • Small to medium backpack
  • flipflops for camp
  • headlamp
  • toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • toilet paper
  • one or two set of long/lightweight clothes for sleeping
  • extra plastic bags for garbage and wet clothes
  • basic personal medical kit & prescriptions
  • swimwear
  • raincover for backpack
  • leech socks (wet season)
  • extra sleeping mat


  • ·         With regard to food, your Guide will go over any dietary or special requirements.  All food is bought and prepared fresh.  Food during the trek is prepared beforehand, and dinner at camp is prepared on site.

    ·         When trekking, we remind our guests to not leave any litter or food scraps behind, all such refuse must be bagged and will be disposed of by your Guide. .

    ·         When observing the animals, we ask guests to remain as calm and quiet as possible and take as many photos as you like, without flash.

    ·         Always remain within eyesight of your Guide and follow his instructions at all times. If an animal approaches you, your Guide will instruct you and will take appropriate measures.  

    ·         Do not bring money, valuables or important documents on your Jungle Trek. Any such items can be inventoried, you will be given a receipt and the items will be locked away while you are trekking, along with your luggage

    ·         When camping, you will be sleeping in tents, under tarps. If you are not comfortable sleeping on hard ground or getting in and out of low dome-style tents, or sitting on the ground, please consider the duration of your trek and consider going for a shorter option.  Sleeping mats are provided but due to limitations on the amounts of gear the porters can carry, mats are basic and extra fees apply for bringing extra mats.  If you require special sleeping mats or double-thick mats, please feel free to bring your own.  If you bring an extra mat and require a porter to transport it, there will be a small extra charge.

    ·         When rafting back, all items are sealed in plastic and secured to the raft.  All items will remain dry.  Cameras are kept dry. We ask that you bring a waterproof pouch for your camera/batteries and raincover for your backpack for personal use during rainfall while trekking.  


Jungle Sumatra Team