Sumatra Jungle Adventure

Sumatra Jungle Adventure

Sumatra Jungle Adventure, The Most Popular trek is 2 days trekking in the jungle is for many people the perfect sampling of jungle life, You will earn memories to last a lifetime Walking, Sleeping, Living in the Tropical Rain forest Jungle Sumatra, and enjoy a dinner expertly prepared by our team at our Jungle Camp alike Jungle Restaurant.

(Day 01) Start From Hotel / Guest House Bukit Lawang Area, We will bring you visit the feeding platform to see the Sumatran Orangutan while being feed and prepared for release back into their natural habitat. The excursion starts with a short walk along the river bank and crossing the river with rubber boat, continuing the hike until you reach at the plat-forms where regularly.
After that We will continue jungle trekking  to explore the park till the tent. In this tropical primary rainforest,
You can see the :Varieties of birds,Butterflies,White handed gibbon,Hornbills, Thomas leaf monkey, Silver Leaf Monkey,Long Tail Macaca and different kinds of reptiles.
And Of course Big Chance To See Sumatran ORANGUTAN.
We will do a few resting while trekking for  little picnic in the jungle by our lunch and fresh fruit for get more energy.After that we  will continue our trek
During the course of your trekking overnight in the jungle, you will learn the medicinal qualities of the jungle plants – known for centuries to the local people as well as gathering local plants for your jungle dinners. 
Learn about setting up camp in the Sumatran jungle on arrival to your campsite and assist in building a fire to cook your dinner. Your local guide is well versed in “camp cooking”  dine under the stars surrounded by the eerie sounds of the jungle. and Guide will be playing a few game and trick for enjoy a fun night and happy with a little snack, tea or coffee before sleeping.

(Days 02) Good Morning...... When you wake up, the local guide will give you breakfast with a little snack/ pancake, tea or coffee. Enjoy your jungle morning with sound of birds and gibbon.
After breakfast you Relaxing , swimming  and Enjoy your last day in the Gunung Leuser National Park.
You can Choice walk back to hotel by walking or by River Tubing (Traditional Raft) experience. You will float down the river on car tubes about  till your hotel.  It is a fun rafting and a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery. The rest of day is free at leisure. The rest is your own program, you can swim or take a beautiful walk to the local village nearby.

Included :

Ranger Guide
English speaking + assistant

Entrance fee National Park in Bukit Lawang + Camera fee
2 Days Trekking + jungle camp + 2 x Lunch + 1x Dinner + 1x Breakfast + Water + Fruit
Tent, Mattress, Porter, Camping Equipment.

What to Bring :
We  recommendations what prepared for you Jungle trek.  Just Imagination, it,s can rain anytime, and sometime it,s quite heavy.  The trekking trails can be steep and slippery. Small/Medium Back pack ,Mosquito repellant, Clothing  wear long Pants, Shorts T-shirts,Swimming wear,  Close Shoes, Camera, Hat and/or bandana, Sunglasses, Binoculars, Rain Coat, flipflops for camp, headlamp, toothbrush/ toothpaste, toilet paper, one or two set of long/lightweight clothes for sleeping basic personal medical kit & prescriptions.



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Tours Trekking Included :

  • Pick up Transport From Airport/Medan To Bukit Lawang
  • Drop-off Transport Bukit Lawang To Airport/Medan
  • 2 Days Jungle Trekking
  • 2 Night Staying at Accommodation Bukit Lawang
  • Entrance Permit 
  • River Tubing After Trekking

Note :
Doesn't Matter your solo backpacker, familly holiday, group and honeymoon holiday, We ready to arrange your tours and trekking with good budget local standard and Reasonable cost.
Feel Free to ask Us about more information.