10 Days Special Wild Elephant Trek

Join us for a spectacular trek to searching the wild Sumatran elephant in their habitat (Gunung Leuser National Prk) view stunning scenery off the tourist trail and feel a true sense of achievement on completing our most physically challenging expedition so far.
Ascending a mountain on day one is just the beginning of this adventure. Experience true remoteness and abandonment in beautiful primary rainforest as far as the eye can see. Leave all cares and worries behind you and absorb nature at its purest.

(The route and duration of the trek may vary according to the time of year and weather conditions)
• Day One
After a scrummy breakfast, we take a trip to the orangutan feeding platform. After seeing the orangutans take their breakfast, we set off on the jungle survival trek, walking through the second biggest tropical rainforest in Asia! Learn to make drinking equipment from bamboo material. Overnight camping and dinner by the river.

• Day Two
Continue to trek further through the forest looking for the endemic wildlife in the area, including orangutans, Thomas leaf monkeys, gibbons and possibly elephants!. Learn how to make traditional instruments of the karonese people and bamboo flutes. Camping and dinner by river.

• Day Three
Continue the trek to the famous Bohorok River. Try to find following a foot print of Sumatran elephant. After taking lunch by the hidden waterfall, we learn to make jungle clothes from leaf material. Camping and dinner by the river.

• Day Four  To  Day Nine  (Following the Sumatran Elephant Moving day to day)

The day is spent learning jungle survival skills and river activities including: collecting edible rainforest vegetables and learning how to make them into delicious jungle food, fishing in the local style and tubing in the river. Special dinner with the jungle dishes you have created, costumes made, and singing around the fire.

• Day Ten
Final day of trekking. Ascend the mountain before reaching our expedition base. Put on some clean clothes, enjoy a local massage and prepare for a well deserved end of trek party.

And our trek end by walking back to hotel or River tubing relax enjoy the scenary.

Who is this trek suitable for?
As well as a sense of adventure, an average to high level of physical fitness is required for this expedition. Conditions can be hot and at times exhausting in a tropical, rainforest climate. The terrain is sometimes steep and deeply forested.
This is not an expedition for the faint hearted or those looking for jungle luxury.
We camp together every night  and you will be washing in the river to keep clean. Don’t expect to return with any clean clothes!

Necessary equipment you need to bring:
Sturdy walking boots or shoes
Shoes for walking in the river
Flash light/head torch
Trekking clothing - long trousers, T-shirts, shorts (dark colours are better)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Insect repellent
Rucksack (you will be carrying your own clothing and sleeping equipment on the trek)
Organic toiletries
You may borrow some of these items from us if you give us advance warning


High level of fitness is required for the trek as we are walking in hot conditions and high humidity up and down steep hills.

Included :
English speaking guide / Ranger + assistant + porter + tracker
Entrance fee National Park in Bukit Lawang + Camera fee
10 Days Jungle Trekking 9 nights jungle camp +
 10 x Lunch + 9x Dinner + 9x Breakfast + Water + Fruit
Tent, Mattress, and Camping Equipment.

Excluded :
Flight tickets and airport tax
Personal expenses such as: meals (Lunch & Dinner), drinks,
souvenirs, laundry, minibar, etc.
Donations and tipping driver/ guide
Trekking Insurance
Travel Insurance
Any optional program