Trekking in Bukit Lawang

Trekking in Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang its real one of paradise in the world, because bukit lawang is one of the easiest access to the Gunung Leuser National Park, and GLNP is one of biggest rain forest in the world.
and the meaning of “Leuser “ is from local gayo aceh language “LEUSOH” = “The last paradise of animal”.
To see flora and fauna in the Sumatran rainforest. Start your adventure !! Jungle Trekking !!

Jungle trekking in bukit lawang is one of famous activity to encounter sumatran orangutan and other wildlife in their habitat, The exercise trekking to the jungle is a best things you can do.
This is some option of Jungle trekking in Sumatra :

Simple And Easier Trekking,

The easiest option walking to entrance the sumatran rainforest. You just have to walking a less than 20 minutes to border of jungle from bukit lawang village. Suistable for familly with kids, and a people are not able to make great physical effort. And than you have chance to see amazing flora and fauna in the sumatran rainforest.

Explore and  Exercise,

This is a popular choosing of many people, who have more time spend and who’s like to enjoying stay in the sumatran jungle camp and experience sampling jungle life. And like to get authentic jungle knowledge.Up and downs to the hill and explore from path to other path. and you have bigger chance to see a lots kinds of flora and fauna.

Adventure and Expedition.

This kind of jungle trekking is specialist for people who want to explore and adventure more futher of the jungle, But You have to in fit and good condition, because during this expedition its will be staying a few night in the jungle camping and walking in few hours each a day. you should will go deeper in the sumatran rainforest, For this trip you have big chance to see Sumatran Tiger, Wild sumatran elephant and other mammals. And will pass more amazing places with viewpoints and some of hidden waterfalss in the hidden sumatra paradise.

How to prefer and What to Bring ?

And if you intresting to do one from jungle trekking option in bukit lawang, you have to prefer, what you can bring or prefer before start your adventure??   Just Imagination, it,s can rain anytime, and sometime it,s quite heavy.  The trekking trails can be steep and slippery. one litres of water/person, Day pack ,Mosquito repellant, Clothing  wear long Pants (to protect against scratches and bites), Shorts T-shirts , Close Shoes, Camera, Extra batteries And Memory Card, Hat and/or bandana, Sunglasses, Binoculars, Rain Coat.
And if you prefer to stay overnight in the jungle you have to bring extra things like : flipflops for camp, headlamp, toothbrush/ toothpaste, toilet paper, one or two set of long/lightweight clothes for sleeping, extra plastic bags for garbage and wet clothes, basic personal, medical kit & prescriptions, swimwear, raincover for backpack, leech socks (wet season),extra sleeping matt.

How to Register or Booking ?

For Jungle trekking booking or register, please contact to the Gunung Leuser National Park Office / ITGA Team.
bring your Passport or Id Card. And during trekking through to the jungle you will be accompany by experience and knowledge guide certified by ITGA &  Jungle Sumatra Official.

What the Trekking Cost in Bukit Lawang ?

Thi is standard regulation bukit lawang trekking cost is :
Three hours 35 euro/person, One day trekking is 45 euro/person, two days trekking is 80 euros/person, three days trekking is 110 euro/person, four days trekking is 155 euro/person and five days expedition trekking is 190 euro/person.

Well... if you ready to start your adventure in a life time in the last paradise of animal, you should be come to bukit lawang. Start your Adventure here !!

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